He who destroyes a good Booke, kills reason it selfe

an exhibition of books which have survived Fire, the Sword and the Censors

University of Kansas Library 1955

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Protecting Free Market Place of Ideas

The word, written or printed, has played a crucial role in the dramatic history of man's effort to scale the hard cliffs of prejudice, ignorance and tyranny.

In a real sense, the trials and tribulations suffered by manuscripts and books reflect the continuous struggle of man to become and remain free, for, in the work of the censor and book burner, the naked determination of the tyrant to sublimate reason and thought to his own ends is never more apparent.

The University of Kansas, dedicated now as always to the "free market place of ideas," is proud to present this exhibit as an expression of our belief in the right of man to proceed through reason as well as faith and as a reminder that this right must be guarded jealously by thoughtful men at all times.

—Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy



The following works are useful as an introduction to the history of banned books:

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